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ML New Album 'With Love' released on USB

While regulations have hampered operations within the music industry, some artists are still bold enough to release a full album under these trying times. Maria Lisa Immanuel is popularly known as ML recently released her new album titled With Love on a custom made USB as she is adjusting to the pandemic which has brought the music industry to its knees.

 She told Entertainment Now! that times have changed and she is trying to also adjust. ‘’I noticed how consumption of music is evolving and USBs have taken over everything. I thought I try and be the first in the country to release my album on custom made USB,’’ she explained. She is of the opinion that creatives should now start thinking outside the box, as different approaches are needed to cater for targeted markets. ‘’Understanding segments of the market is crucial, like in my case I have a lot of professionals who like my music and love to buy full albums for their cars. While the young, ones rather consume on YouTube and circulate on WhatsApp. Those outside Namibia consumes on digital platforms. So, having a holistic approach to our target market is key,’’ she narrated.

When quizzed as to why her album is slightly more expensive than a normal CD purchase, she informed this reporter that it is pricey as USB average is high.’’ So, the margin to make a profit on USB can only make sense if the final price is a bit pricey too. Also, I look at the size of the USB, in my case, it’s 16G and when buying it empty, you’re already paying a lot. Now imagine with ML Musik on (Hahaha),’’ she sarcastically pointed out.

The 14-track album has features from Mushe, TopCheri, and Koxa. Outside the Land of the Braves, are Guerilla from Angola, Barnaba from Tanzania, OG The First from Nigeria and Dj Crucial from SA who did Amapiano remix on one of her songs from the previous album.  Production credits are from Andrew on the beat, Jowdy and Dj Chronics.

The Ndota hitmaker credits her hard work because of her day job, as she does not have the luxury of time like other artists who are full time, therefore, she puts more work, especially over the weekends. ‘’It has made me more creative on how to invest my time and money where there’s a greater impact. So I’m just really pushing different than everyone else has done before so that I open new doors for the young ones following me and want to be like me,’’ she ended. She promised to tour the country under the new regulations set forth and make an impact. But mostly, investing online initiatives remain most impactful for visibility this time around.

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